This Yosemite Timelapse Video Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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The idea first came to them as they were sitting on top of Yosemite’s famous peak, the Half Dome, at night while shooting a time-lapse video of the night sky. It was then that photographer Colin Delehanty and tech guru Sheldon Neill decided that they were going to team up to document and share their experiences in California’s most visited national park. So in 2012, Project Yosemite was born.

These two backpacked for over 200 miles in 45 days over a period of 10 months, climbing Yosemite’s famous peaks and hiking through the Sierra Nevada’s wilderness, for the second installation of this project. And it was all worth it, as they captured the park’s glorious and truly majestic (although admittedly, already photogenic) landscape in a way that Ansel Adams himself only dreamed of.

The result is a stunning timelapse video they called Yosemite HD II, which beautifully transitions from scenes of the vast night sky moving over the park’s granite summits to those of California’s golden landscapes, some rarely visited, from its green meadows to its alpine lakes. There’s a reason why Yosemite is one of the most photographed and most visited park in the country, if not the world, and this short film shows us exactly why.

Whether or not you’ve already experience Yosemite’s beauty and grandness yourself, this is something you have to see. Watch it after the jump.

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