Four Perfect Backpacks for the Working Photographer

Are you a Photographer who prefers a backpack? Same…

We are all photographers, and unless you are new or really just enjoy the minimalist approach, chances are when you go out for your shoots that you have an entire kit you take with you. This will obviously include a camera and lens, but also usually several accessories, some alternative lens options, maybe a tripod, laptop, etc. The point is, there is a lot of stuff you are likely needing to haul around and ideally you require something that can carry it all.

There are many ways to solve this conundrum, but one of the most popular is a backpack. Today we will be going over some of our favorite backpacks out there for working photographers. So are you ready to carry your gear in style and comfort? Ok! Let’s get into it. Continue reading…

Review: BlackRapid Yeti Dual Camera Strap

Yeti DSC_7203

Image By Scott Wyden Kivowitz (Thanks)

In what seems like a long time ago in a city far, far away, I acquired my first BlackRapid Strap. It was the Black Rapid RS-7 and at first I was suspicious about it. Years, hundreds of miles of photo walking and dozens of events later, I still happily used it. When I had to upgrade the way I handle my photography jobs, I was introduced to the BlackRapid Yeti, a dual camera strap. Unlike other dual camera straps, the Yeti sat on one shoulder. It is different.

As photographers, we now have a lot of choices on how we carry our cameras. Let’s see why I chose the BlackRapid Yeti.

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