The Gleaners Transports You To The Aftermath Of Modern Day Buffalo Hunts

All Images by Matt Hamon. Used with Permission.

Matt Hamon is harvest hunter in Montana, meaning he hunts as a primary source of meat for his family – not for sport. One day while searching for information on butchering wild game, Hamon came across a blog about the Buffalo Scavenging Project. “Each year they attend the Native American treaty hunt on the boundary of Yellowstone National Park and assist Native American hunters with field dressing and packing of buffalo.” Hamon tells the Phoblographer about his project The Gleaners. The discovery inspired Hamon to reach out to the scavengers about coming out to their annual camp to capture the event. Long story short, they accepted his offer/request.

These animals, like many others, are usually protected by US law. However, a little known fact is that due to treaties from that era, today’s modern Native Americas retain their hunting rights in Montana, on the border of Yellowstone National Park. Once a year they gather in the winter, when it gets so cold the Buffalo leave the park and enter public lands where the Native Americans can hunt them.

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This Timelapse of Yellowstone Makes Winter Not Seem So Bad Afterall

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 8.13.35 AM

Los Angeles-based landscape photographer and filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee, the brilliant mind behind Evosia Studios, knows there are stories to tell in nature – in the tiniest transformations of each tree or cloud or star, in the changing of the seasons. And he wants to be the one to tell those stories to the world.

So he does, with his awe-inspiring short films like last year’s Alchemy, which we had the pleasure of featuring here, and time-lapse videos that show us the ever-changing nature of… well, nature.

Of course, in these winter months, capturing and telling these stories meant spending a lot of time in the cold, sometimes brutal outdoors. Ever the passionate artist that he is, however, this doesn’t stop Lee. Instead, it inspires him even more. Where many see desolation and landscapes buried in snow, Lee sees, as always, the stories of nature, which he captures expertly.

Complete wit pivoting clouds, dancing geysers, passing traveling fogs, the epic journey (and Lee’s latest masterpiece) that is Fathom 4K: A Winter’s Journey into Yellowstone takes us beyond the barren wastelands and into the beautiful scenes that winter itself is capable of painting.

This time-lapse video is as inspiring as it is majestic, so if you’re nursing a depressive mood right now, it just might be what you need motivate you to climb out of your rut. See it after the jump.

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