Review: Xume Lens Filter Mount System

You guys may remember a post I wrote a couple of months ago about using photographic filters. If you are a regular user of filters, you will agree with me in saying that they can be a little difficult to work with.

For example, when photographing a sunset, you might change filters several times as you try out different combinations to get the look that your going for. Or perhaps you want to focus on a rock in the foreground but you’re using such high neutral density filters that there isn’t enough light coming through the lens for the camera to lock focus on anything. Manual focus doesn’t even work as the light reduction is so much that all you can see looking through the view finder is darkness.

To get past this hurdle you have to remove the filter, lock focus, then replace the filter. These may sound like minor issues but they can be quite frustrating while in the field and you are constantly dealing with them. Xume has come up with a system to get around these issues.

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