Everyone Should Be Able to Take Great Food Photos

In my ideal world, everyone should be taking great food photos but that’s not always the case.

One of the highlights of my brief but intense career as a food photographer has been to teach food photography; I really enjoy the passing of knowledge and experience down to those who want the knowledge.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been running one to one food photography workshops in Brighton and London and most recently, I was offered a lecture on food photography at the CNM College in London. I’m running two courses there: A full day food photography workshop where I teach the basics of photography, the differences of food photography, light and styling and then we set-up different food scenarios to put the theory into practice. The other one is a food photography lecture as part of their Natural Chef course where I teach the fundamentals of plating and manipulating food, the composition of a dish based on the recipe and ingredients and then the basics of food photography and food styling. It’s awesome to put my culinary skills into practice and more when it is for education.

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Three Stories About Cheap Clients I’ve Experienced as a Photographer

If you’re a photographer who has ever been cheaped out on by a client, you’ll enjoy this.

The quickest answer is yes, I’ve been cheaped out on and it sucks! I believe everyone in business has been in that situation before. But as a freelance creative, it probably hurts more because of the artistic value of our work and the sentimental attachment we have to it.

Let me elaborate on this and give you a few examples of situations where I was cheaped out by a “client” and how I reacted to the situation. (Note – the photos, names and brands have been omitted to protect the guilty.)

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About Passion and How it Doesn’t Pay the Bills as a Photographer

Passion for a photographer comes in two different flavors.

Let me tell you a little bit about passion and what I’ve learned about it. Nowadays, everyone has a passion for something: every entrepreneurial story begins because of passion and every photographer turns their hobby into a business because of passion. Passion is fine: there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about what we don But passion didn’t land astronauts on the moon, the Berlin Wall didn’t fall because of passion, and definitely, passion doesn’t pay the bills when you’re trying to make a living as a full-time photographer – enthusiasm, commitment, and discipline do.

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