This Is Why Staying Away from Social Media Has Helped Me as a Photographer After One Month

Staying away from social media has been such a blessing to me as a photographer

At the time of writing this piece, I’ve kept myself unplugged from most social media for over a month. I’m not completely against social media but I don’t think it’s either healthy and beneficial for us: humans being a highly sociable species. At the beginning of this year, I committed myself to change the things that I don’t like about my life. I started with taking my martial art training more serious, focusing all my energy towards my craft and my business, stop drinking regularly, changing my food habits and try to ignore social media.

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My Job is to Make People Hungry (As a Food Photographer)

I don’t think black and white makes a picture better like a guitar solo doesn’t make a song better. If all the elements of a photograph are right for a black and white photo, then it will work. I used to be a big defender of black and white portraiture and street photography but one day I looked at my work and thought it was all crap and decided to try colour; the effect and power of a colour photograph was so intense that decided to turn everything back to colour.

If you look closely, on my portraiture portfolio, there’s a phrase that says “my job is to make people hungry” at first, it might look a bit out of place but when you think about it, It’s an analogy of what chefs do vs what I do; it’s the link that brings both crafts together. As part of the constant evolution of my website, I’ve improved my design by having a vertical scroll portfolio and chose break the monotonous pattern by throwing a few catchphrases/calls to action here and there.

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Why You’d Hire Me Over a “Guy With a Camera” On Instagram

All images by Xavier De Buendia. Used with permission.

I’m a professional food photographer…let me stop right there. What do you think a professional photographer actually means? Well when it comes to taxes and marking your occupation down for legal reasons, it means that most of my taxable income is made by being a food photographer and getting hired, etc. So in translation, that means I earn my living and pay my bills taking pictures of food, chefs, sommeliers, restaurants, and other things occasionally. Competition is wild but healthy and thankfully not as fierce as that of wedding, portrait, or street photography but it can’t compare to the impact that social media has on our industry, especially Instagram (here’s mine).

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