Review: Westcott White X-Drop Backdrop Kit

Wescott XDrop 20130815Gservo-7671

As I have grown as a photographer, I have taken on new styles. One of them is portraits, specifically head shots. As I was learning more about this style of photography, I came across the Westcott X-Drop. I had already purchased a portable backdrop kit, which was sort of big and in parts. The X-Drop is the total opposite of that, and not too expensive. It is extremely portable, and I could use the Westcott White X-Drop Backdrop Kit anywhere.  I purchased it, used it on an actual shoot, and here is what I thought.

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Westcott Announces The Cheesy But Effective X-Drop Backdrop Kit

I received an email announcing this backdrop kit and at first I thought… this is so cheesy but then I was sold on how easy and effective it seemed. I think it was the multi patterned backdrops that turned me off but the fact is Wescott seemed to have designed a very simple backdrop solution. Wescott calls the product the X-Drop and its aimed at the on the go location photographer.


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