Should Parachute Journalism Be Nominated for Photo Awards?

Are you aware of the issues relating to parachute journalism?

In the recent scandal that broke in the 2020 World Press Photo awards, Iranian photographer, Solmaz Daryani, accused a fellow photojournalist of heavily borrowing from her work. The WPP nominated German photographer, Maximilian Mann, for his series, Fading Flamingos. The project focused on the slow decline of Lake Urmia, Iran. Daryani, however, was working on the same story, and began the work several years before Mann did. Aggrieved, Daryani raised the issue of parachute journalism and the problems it creates for local photojournalists.

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A List of Photography Events Postponed or Canceled Due to COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19, take note if you’ve been planning to attend any or all these photography events and gatherings.

Given the precautionary measures necessary to minimize the spread of COVID-19, events, shows, and gatherings of all kinds across the globe are being postponed or cancelled — some well-known photography events included. The CP+ (Camera and Photo Imaging Show) 2020 was among the first that got cancelled last month. If you’ve marked your calendars months in advance and have been looking forward to attending, chances are they’re already canceled or postponed; others most likely will soon follow. In case you’re looking for updates, here are just some of the events we got wind of that were originally scheduled but will no longer push through or have been moved to later dates.

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