Franzie Allen’s Experience of Shooting Street Photography Is About Bravery

All images by Franzie Allen. Used with permission. 

If you shoot street photography in somewhere like London or New York, you’re afforded the luxury of being able to work freely in a public space. Franzie Allen is perfecting her craft in Dubai, a part of the world known for its restrictive laws – photography is no exception. That, however, does not stop her doing her thing and doing it exceptionally well! Her street photography is full of beautiful light and vibrant colors, sucking you in by leaning on some tried and tested techniques. Although for Franzie, street photography is more than creating photographs. “Street Photography is my therapy.” She opens up, “…in the fast-paced world we are in now, it helps me slow down and appreciate the things around us.”

It’s time for us to appreciate everything she captures.

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