Are Women Street Photographers More Unsafe Than Men on the Street?

As a male street photographer, I’m eager to understand the experience on the street from a female perspective.

I recently reported on a Reddit thread that focused on one of the advantages women have over men when shooting candidly: photographing children. The piece sparked debate, and in some instances, outrage. Some suggested it wasn’t my place to comment on such topics, while others said, “What about all the privileges men have in street photography that women don’t?” It’s a fair question. And to my fault and shame, it’s not one I’ve taken enough time to think about until now.

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Female-Only Exhibitions: Are Women in Street Becoming Everything They Fought Against?

There has been a wonderful insurgence of women in street photography over the past couple of years. But does everyone welcome their approach?

Men and women have been at battle for centuries. With the patriarchy in full swing across all areas of life, several revolutions have been born with the aim to break it down. It is of no surprise then that this “you against us” divide found its way to our little old world of street photography. Often blasted as being a middle-aged white man’s club, the big names in street photography have been put under increasing pressure to push fairer representation within the field. Are things working for the better?

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