Photo Stealers Exposes Photo Thief with a Habit of Turning NSFW Photos of Young Girls Into Wholesome Portraits

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Photo theft is becoming more and more prevalent these days it seems. I guess there are still some photographers who are simply desperate enough for a career jumpstart to cheat and delude themselves into believing that what people don’t know won’t hurt them, completely ignoring the fact that the truth has this incredibly vicious way of revealing itself, always.

In most cases, however, those thieves only end up hurting themselves, subjecting themselves to a lifetime of public humiliation that’s only made worse because of the Internet. And the photographic community can be quite severe and unforgiving to those who use other photographers’ work to impress and get new clients.

In William Rogers’, aka Challenging Photography, case, his public humiliation was even doubled (and here I thought that wasn’t possible), thanks to the whistle-blowing efforts of Tumblr blog Photo Stealers. Not only has the popular blog exposed Cambridgeshire-based Rogers, who claims on his website that he started as a wedding photographer in the 70s, and his affinity for stealing other people’s wedding photography portfolio; it has also inadvertently uncovered the guy’s penchant for NSFW photos, which one can only assume he constantly looks at if he was inspired to crop and turn some of them into senior portraits.

That’s right, the site is stating that this guy actually spends time looking through NSFW sites featuring young girls in the nude, finds the more innocent photos, and crops them so that they look classy and wholesome. Creepy much?

Photo Stealers makes this claim for 90% of the photos in Rogers’ website. William Rogers’ has since shutdown his website and Facebook page. For more information about his activities, check out the blog post here.

Via Photo Stealers