Josh Newton on Wedding Photography, Passions, and Going the Distance

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All photographs taken by and used with permission from Josh Newton.

In just a few years, wedding photography has evolved from just a way to document a special event in people’s lives to a meticulous artform and a movement. Yet, there’s still only a handful of photographers out there who would actually go that extra mile for their clients, who would go the distance – literally and figuratively – for the happy couples who trust them enough to capture one of the most important days in their lives.

One such photographer is Josh Newton, who may have just gotten uber famous for those now-iconic wildfire wedding photos that went social media viral (the best kind!), but has established his status in the highly competitive world wedding photography long before he took those famous photos. In just over 7 years as a wedding photographer, he’s already travelled to over 30 states and 20 countries to cover more than 120 weddings, filling up his portfolio with photographs that are as romantic and as intimate as the locations they were taken in.

We’re lucky enough to catch him in between his many engagements to get to know the man behind lens and the photographs.

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