This Music Video Was Filmed with a 360 GoPro Rig

julius motal wild child 360 gopro

While it isn’t the first video to make use of 360 GoPros, Wild Child’s “Rillo Talk” is the first music video to make effective, if slightly vertigo-inducing use of it. The way the camera dips in and out of scenes lends itself to the song’s dreamy sound, but if you’re not prepared for it, the video could leave you rubbing your temples a bit.

“Rillo Talk” was filmed over two days with a six-camera rig, and we’re sure the footage needed a good amount of stitching to create a fluid video. The video’s director, Aaron Brown, said that the 360 rig was fitting for the song’s “stoned on the couch day-dreaming in Austin while watching golf on a Sunday afternoon” feel. After watching the video a few times, we feel inclined to agree.

The video’s whimsical in its pace, soothing its sound and moreover, it’s a clever use of this technology. Though we’d warn against it becoming mainstream because the effect will become kitschy and not everything needs it. Imagine if Inception was shot with a 360 GoPro rig.

Head on for the video.

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