Ekaterina Busygina Envisions Moscow as a Serene White City

All images by Ekaterina Busygina. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

For anyone who has mastered the art of architectural photography, one of the tricks of the trade involves creative use of details. This is exactly what we see in the works of Russian architectural photographer Ekaterina Busygina, who uses this technique to highlight the geometric harmony found in buildings and architectural elements. Aside from this pleasant display of balance, her set, called White City, also depicts what future cities would look like. Much like how Lars Stieger reimagined buildings and structures as spaceships, Ekaterina used Moscow’s architecture to explore the idea of ultra modern cityscapes being stark white, serene, and strikingly coordinated. It’s a fascinating exercise on how architectural photography can be an effective tool to harness the power of imagination.

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