Nostalgia: A Study in Color, Claire Rosen’s Whimsical Still Life Series

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All photographs taken by Claire Rosen. Used with permission.

Photographer Claire Rosen’s work has always existed between reality and the realm of fairy tales and dreams. From the hedgehogs and bees of The Fantastical Feasts to the fantastical painting-like portraits that seemingly transport viewers back in time to the Victorian or Romantic Era.

It’s her collage still life series, perfectly named Nostalgia: a Study in Color, that has really caught our eye, and apparently the jurors’ at The Fence who have chosen it to be featured in Photoville in Brooklyn this year.

While this series contains all the elements that have become Claire’s trademarks – nostalgic, whimsical, Victorian, it’s still a little bit of a departure from all her other works. The color-themed photos in Nostalgia are essentially images of actual collages she made meticulously and with great attention to detail so that every single piece – down to the last tiny almost insignificant button – was seemingly chosen to fit in with and complement the larger pieces. Unbelievably, every single piece in the series was taken from her own personal collection, so that the series itself is almost a study of her own life and memories.

Quirky, imaginative, and creative, this series is a fantastic refection of one person’s, an artist’s life. See the photos after the jump.

If you love this series, buy the book now. To see more of Claire Rosen’s wonderful work, please visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @clairerosenphoto.


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