The Sony A7s Might Cost as Much as $4,189, But Can See in the Dark

Sony A7s front

The Sony A7s came as a bit of an NAB surprise as a specialized low light performer that, when properly equipped, could also record 4K footage. Now we’re finally getting hints that this new camera will cost £2,500 in the United Kingdom—or roughly $4,189 USD, according to Sony Alpha Rumors.

Sony Rumors picked up on the new price tag via WexUK, a UK camera gear warehouse. By comparison the Sony A7R (body only) sells for £1669, so it seems the low light and lower 12.2MP sensor in the A7s is quite a luxury compared to Sony A7R’s 36.4MP sensor. However, the retailer also stressed in a tweet that this was the “the price advertised is given to us by Sony, but it may change between now and the release date.” Hopefully the pricing information (and the price itself!) will settle down in the coming weeks.

In a bit of related news F-Stop Academy got an early hands-on with the camera and they say the low light capability is staggering with maximum ISO set at 409,609. What’s more is the camera can shoot “very comfortably” at 12,600 ISO. We’ll have to get the camera into our own hands to give you our definite opinion but check past the break to see what this camera can put with filming in the dark and in 4K.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors

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