Andrew Campbell’s Award-Winning Astrophotography Will Stun You

All images by Andrew Campbell. Used with permission.

“I think with all things in life – if you love doing it – then you will always be motivated.” Those are the words of Andrew Campbell, a photographer based in the South West of England. He’s talking about his love for astrophotography, and the rewards he gets from the methodical art form. His passion requires patience, something Campbell has plenty of. The results? A body of work that wows us and leaves us asking for more.

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Can You Take 30 Street Portraits in Two Hours?

Screenshot taken from the video

How many of you go out there and actively go ahead with asking strangers for street portraits? I’m sure not a whole lot of you. Whether you’re new to photography or far along into the craft, it pays to challenge yourself every now and then to keep your skills sharp and your perspectives fresh. You can start with it today by taking 30 street portraits of total strangers in your city within two hours, or roughly a photo every four minutes. Sounds easy, right? It depends, most likely, on how comfortable you are when it comes to spotting interesting faces and intriguing characters, approaching them, and taking the portrait that best represents their personality. For introverts like Matt Higgs, this is often an intimidating and arduous task.

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