Vi Vante “Pegasus” is a Dual Flap Camera Bag Offering Security and Style

In need of a sturdy and reliable camera bag that can protect your gear from the elements? The new Vi Vante camera bag promises all that in a lightweight and luxurious leather package.

Vi Vante has been pushing to be at the forefront of luxurious and functional leather camera bags, and their latest offering continues to be a testament to that. Dubbed “Pegasus,” this new leather camera bag features a unique, proprietary dual flap design that promises to protect your gear from inclement weather or any situation that requires an extra secure camera carry. The dual flap system for the Vi Vante Pegasus was developed to address the need for rain cover so photographers would no longer resort to false “weather flaps.” Both flaps, which are held together by magnetic buttons, can be opened as one in normal shooting conditions and can be separated when inclement weather or the need for extra security arises. Simply zip the inner flap to secure the contents of your camera bag. The leather also has some water-repellent treatment that promises to withstand the rain and minor splashes.

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