Amazing Stories Found Their Way to Nick Compton in African Homes

“Photographs are there to be taken. And that’s about you, your eye and your creativity coming together,” says South African-born photographer Nick Compton. He’s created a photo series on homes that have popped up on his homeland’s coastlines. Delving into what makes them unique, he tells us how he connected with various people while photographing their individual houses.

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Pierre Crocquet Has an Almost Vivian Maier Style Story, See for Yourself

Pierre Crocquet may not be a photographer you’ve heard of, but since his tragic death in 2013, one person is doing their best to ensure everybody knows his name.

After his passing, Pierre Crocquet’s sister, Jeannine, inherited all his negatives. In an almost Vivian Maier style story, Jeannie has hundreds of undeveloped rolls of film. She’s currently unpacking Pierre’s photographic story and sharing it with the world. The work is powerful and the response is overwhelming. Jeannine profoundly loves her brother, and her role of being his curator is helping to keep their relationship alive. In a moving conversation, Jeannie invited us to take a look at Pierre’s history. She shares with us his troubles, his creative challenges, and who Pierre Crocquet – the man and the photographer – really was.

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