Sony to Introduce a New Full-Frame A-Mount A88 and A99II?


Sony has been on a hot streak launching its A7 line of full-frame cameras with three new models. Now, Sony Alpha Rumors has caught word that Sony will launch two full-frame cameras with translucent mirrors by the second half of this year. These new duo will apparently be named the A88 and A99II, with one being marketed as a low-end camera meanwhile the other will be high-end.

The A88 is a completely new moniker and it will likely sit under the current and future A99 as an entry level full-frame A-mount camera. The A99II of course will be a follow up to the original A99, which was introduced two years ago at Photokina. Sony Alpha Rumors also alleges that the A88 and A99II will be a much bigger technological leap than the recently announced A77II. Given the engineering Sony is putting into lenses for the A7 and A7r, Sony likely wants to extend its full-frame A-mount lenses to DSLR styled bodies.

As always we’re going to take this early report with a grain of salt, because we have little more than a model name to go on for now. If anything these camera will likely be announced at Photokina this September. Stay tuned as we’re sure to hear more details of these cameras leak out if the rumors are true.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors