Upgrade Your Smartphone Into a Point and Shoot with Snappgrip


You own an iPhone or an Android phone and you’re addicted to Instagram. It’s okay, we know. The quick and easy snaps we take on our phone are just so much easier to take than having to haul a full sized DSLR around the whole day. Plus, why spend hundreds of dollars on Samsung’s Galaxy camera when you can spend way less with practically the same features. When taking photos, we would like to have the full camera experience, even if it is with our smartphones, and here’s how you’ll get it. Snappgrip has successfully funded their Kickstarter project for a smartphone case that comes with a point and shoot grip.

By connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the snappgrip transforms your mobile device into an actual point and shoot camera with all the camera functions you’d expect, such as half press to focus, full press to release the shutter, and even in and out zoom. It creates a much more comfortable feel in your hands than having to tap the screen to take a photo and it’s a nifty design too.

There’s still 10 days left as of this post on their Kickstarter campaign to make your preorder. They plan to begin shipping these out by February.