“Smithy” Places the Spotlight on the Smithing Crafts of Ural Artisans

This beautiful documentary project showcases the smithing and forging crafts that today’s generation of Ural artisans are still actively engaged in.

Craftsmen and artisans are among the most compelling subjects for documentary photography for their mastery and interesting stories. Despite the reality that many of the tools we use today are made in factories and manufacturing plants, these artists are at the forefront of keeping some of the oldest professions alive. The stories of craftsmen from the Ural region is what piqued the interest of photographers Oleg Kovalyuk, Maxim Loskutov, and Andrey Kuskalo. Together, under the Form 42 collective, they introduce us to the metalsmiths, leather crafters, and artistic forgers who creatively make the tools and items available to those who can appreciate fine craftsmanship.

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