Review: Gitzo Traveler Tripod

The Gitzo Traveler

Cheap tripods litter the marketplace and most sub-$200 models won’t support a descent SLR and a 200mm lens. But if you want to make one investment in a tripod and never need to replace it, Gitzo is a great choice. This is the Gitzo Traveler GT1542T and is the perfect choice for assignments since it fits easily in most carry-on luggage and is light enough to hardly notice when you’re on the go.

How many years should go by before you wear one out? That’s hard to know since this reviewer has had the same Gitzo tripod since 1988. Amazingly, the newest version is even better than mine. If there were an odometer on my tripod it would probably read over 150,000 miles. How many products in general have you kept that long and still use? 

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