Al Mefer Uses Long Exposures to Reveal the “Phantoms of the Brain”

All images by Al Mefer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Memory, thoughts, and emotions are all popular subjects for all kinds of photography pursuits, and we’ve put the spotlight on a good number of them here. It’s always interesting to see how photographers play with some of the most visceral concepts of our humanity. A perfect example is Phantoms of the Brain, a series by Spanish photographer and visual artist Al Mefer, which uses long exposures to illustrate the “imagery of a tortured soul.”

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Enter the Deepest, Darkest Parts of the Mind with Al Mefer’s ‘Phantoms of the Brain’

All images by Al Mefer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It goes without saying that the brain is a powerful thing. Not only does it act as a big computer that controls our body, it sets us humans apart from other creatures as it lets us think and experience many different emotions. The brain lets us process our senses and feelings so we can come up with some of our most creative, possibly even game-changing, ideas that could go as far as help the world in one way or another.

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