Pete Souza Talks About His Latest Book “SHADE: A Tale Of Two Presidents”

In his latest book, Pete Souza shows us that while the White House has changed hands, there’s still a compelling story to tell through his photos of former President Barack Obama.

In case you missed it, former White House photographer Pete Souza released his book titled SHADE: A Tale of Two Presidents in October 2018. But, today is a perfect day for us to get a preview of it, being Presidents’ Day and all. In this interview with Jim Braude of WGBH News, we get to revisit some of Souza’s most telling photographs from his stint, and how his silent commentary on President Donald Trump eventually became a book.

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New Video Takes a Look at the Obama Administration’s Aggressive Social Media Strategy

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A far cry from the transparent, open administration he promised to be running, President Obama and his team are now under the scrutiny of the independent media for not only taking advantage of social media to release controlled and slightly staged images of the President, but also for the decreasing access they are giving to photojournalists not on the presidential payroll. Continue reading…