Why Childhood Photographs Are an Important Part of Emotional Healing

Allow me to take you on a quick trip down memory lane. I’m going to take you 20 years into the past and share some of the earliest images of myself from childhood. We’re not doing this for nostalgia. The intention here is to show you the healing qualities that come from revisiting snaps of the past. We’ll also look at why it’s important to start making photographic records of your children.

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Why I Regret Deleting Personal Photographs (And Why You Will Too)

Aside from the gigs and the glory, there’s the personal element to a photographer’s body of work.

I’m of the opinion that all photographers have a stash of personal work in their portfolio. Whether they’re photos of loved ones, vacations, or something that holds importance to them, photos exist that have meaning and emotional value. Some put their most personal images out to the public, while others keep them safe and hidden away, only for personal consumption. As photographers, it’s in our blood to document; we live for it. And it’s the work that’s not for a client that best communicates our journey through life. But sometimes, there are moments in life we would like to forget. Photos we wish were never created. We run away; we delete. But is that a good idea?

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