Free Photo Software From a Big Name Developer? Yes Please to Perfect Effects 4 From onOne

Perfect Effects 4

I love free software because it takes the gamble and risk out of a purchase. In this case, the free version of Perfect Effects is actually a tease or a taste of what the full version offers users. The free version will offer you almost all of the features of the full version but at a limited amount of effects at 73 instead of the full 401.

You have the ability to combine these effects to the entire photograph or apply one effect to one area and another to a different part. This can either be done with masking one effect or you can also choose to paint it in with brushes. Multiple effects can also be merged by changing the blending method to get different looks. You can even combine an overexposed and underexposed image into one or exchange a face with an eye that blinked to one without. Dust spots and face imperfections can also be retouched and removed so that you can get more done with the singe application.

Overall it seems like a smart move by onOne to hook new users onto their software. Get the software for Mac and PC here for free.