This New 17mm F4.5 Lens Makes Your Pancake Lens Look Huge

Leica owners have a new 17mm F/4.5 handmade lens from MS Optics to spend their hard earned money on, and this lens makes pancake lenses look huge. The Perar Ultra-Wide 17mm f4.5 Retrofocus features a viewing angle of 100 degrees and weighs almost nothing at 60g.

MS Optics notes in their press release that the lens itself features four elements in four groups, with a wide open aperture of F/4.5 and minimum aperture of F/16. The Perar Ultra-Wide 17mm f4.5 Retrofocus can also focus on subjects as close as 0.4m meters to infinity.

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New M-Mount Lenses From MS-Optical May be Coming Soon

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Leica M8 MS-Optical Lenses

MS-Optical, the one-man company run by Sadoyasu Miyazaki, creator of the tinies M-mount lens(es) ever made, is reportedly working on new projects right now. Besides a new batch of Sonnetar 50/1.1 lenses, he is also preparing variants of that same lens in black paint and in Leica thread mount (M39). The tiny Perar 35/3.5 and Perar 28/4 triplet lenses will also be produced again. In addition, Japan Exposures reports that two new Perar triplets are in the making: a 21/4.5 and a 25/4.5. All of this is very good news. For one thing, because it means that Miyazaki-san is apparently doing well. But also, for users of M-mount cameras this means that the pool of lenses to choose from will soon see some very interesting additions.

And by the way, M-mount lenses can also be used on most mirrorless cameras, such as the Fuji X-series and the Sony NEX-series, with great results. And they’re often a great choice when there are no comparable lenses available for the system, or when you want to go small–M-mount lenses are manual focus, so they don’t need complicated AF motors, which reduces size significantly.