See Paris Through this Gorgeous Pentax 67 Viewfinder

Paris Through Pentax

Life always looks sweeter thought a viewfinder and no video better highlights this fact than Maison Carnot’s Paris Through Pentax. The production and advertising company’s founders Mathieu Maury and Antoine Pai had an old Pentax 67 medium format camera on hand and decided it would be a great idea to record a through the viewfinder video featuring short scenes of Parisian life—and voila!

To create the lovely compilation of clips, the creative pair pointed a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera down at the viewfinder. The two cameras are basically stuck together using a two-by-four and tape. Add in a piece of blackened cardboard to act as an oversized lens hood for the Blackmagic camera and shade to block out any reflections, and this hacked together rig is ready for a stroll on the streets of Paris.

For an extra bit of nostalgic character, Mathieu and Antoine also added a soothing instrumental backing track to complement the video. The clarity of the picture coming though the Pentax 67’s viewfinder is truly a testament to the quality and character of these old film cameras.

Meanwhile, the video as a whole really plays out like a memorable vacation reel and an ode to the old film days photographers will love. Check out the video past the break.

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