Awesome Panoramic Planet Video Created Using 6 GoPros

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It’s a small world, after all.

For a long time, German photographer Jonas Ginter has been haunted by the idea of making 360° panoramic videos. Inspired by those 360° panoramic photographs that have been digitally stitched and turned into what we call “spherical panoramas” or “panorama planets,” he’s spent two years trying to perfect his little contraption to make his dream a reality.

He dedicated a lot of his time experimenting and trying out different things, including using mirrors and screwing cameras on a turntable, until he came to a realization that the only way he could make his 360° videos is if he could capture all the angles at once using several cameras. Finally, with the help of one of those 3D printers and several GoPro Hero 3s, Ginter was able to design a 3D-printed mount that would hold and support 6 cameras that would work together side-by-side to create the 360°-effect (see it here).

How does the resulting video look? Pretty surreal! Ginter filmed himself on a bike and in his car with his rad invention and it made him look as if he was happily travelling in his own little planet. And if the vid wasn’t enough trippy, he gave his little planet adventures a psychedelic soundtrack as well.

See Ginter’s awesome first 360° panoramic planet video after the jump!

Via Gizmodo

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