Reports Hint at a Panasonic GM2 with Built-in EVF and 4K Video

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Panasonic GM1 first impressions Photo Plus Expo 2013 (2 of 7)ISO 64001-15 sec at f - 2.8

We’ve been hearing a lot of news hinting that Panasonic could introduce a new LX8 with a Micro Four Thirds sensor and now there’s word there will also be a new GM2 with a built-in EVF. 43 Rumors has received a tip suggesting as much and the camera could even come with native 4K recording like the GH4. We’re not sure if the EVF will interfere with the incredible pocketablity of the first GM1 but Panasonic could adopt a pop-up viewfinder as seen with the Sony RX100 Mark III

There aren’t any other details or specs to go on—but this is the second time we’ve heard Panasonic will release a new interchangeable MFT camera. If the rumors are true this would make the GM2 the world’s smallest compact system camera with a built-in EVF. Panasonic LX8 is also supposedly on the horizon that purportedly will also utilize a MFT senor.

It would make sense Panasonic would introduce new cameras soon. After all Photokina is just a month away. There have not been a lot of early reports outing what Olympus might have in store for us, but it seems like new tech will be making waves in the Micro Four Thirds world this year.

Via 43 Rumors

Will a Bigger Sensor Panasonic LX8 Go Head-to-Head with the Sony RX100 Mark III?

Panasonic_Lumix_LX7 (1)Sony’s RX100 Mark III may have a new challenger in the high-end compact space with a Panasonic LX8. 43 Rumors reports the Panasonic is planning on introducing the LX7 successor with a larger sensor on July 16th. To directly compete with the RX100 Mark III Panasonic is upgrading the camera with a bigger 1-inch sensor and electronic viewfinder. On a personal note, we don’t understand why they’re doing this vs putting a Four Thirds sensor into the camera.

The LX series has always been an amazing compact camera series mainly for its Leica glass—and a hearty handful of physical switches including one for aspect ratio—which boasts a compact 24-90mm equivalent lens. It’s a piece of glass that still even wipes the floor with the RX100 Mark III newfangled 24-70 f1.8-2.8 lens.

Panasonic has always lagged behind with a smaller senor, but if Pany does indeed go big with the LX8 it should come with a bit more megapixels to flex and better low-light shooting capability.

What’s more if the Panasonic LX8 does show up one July 16th you can bet we will see Leica come out with a refreshed Leica D-Lux 7 camera. In all likelihood we could see a possible D-Lux 8 camera announced at Photokina in September.

Via 43 Rumors