Bliss Katherine’s Film, Fashion, and Painted Photographs

_MG_2799paint copy

All photographs taken by Bliss Katherine Braoudakis. Used with permission. 

Bliss Katherine’s success story is as inspiring as her beautiful creations, and it’s enough to share to the world and encourage aspiring young photographers struggling to make it through this highly competitive world. Already a fashion, music, and wedding photographer who travels the world for photoshoots at the age of 23, not many – young or old – are as accomplished as Bliss; but while many people would consider this young shutterbug-slash-wanderer lucky, luck has less to do with her success as incredible talent and persistence to chase the dream.

The Phoblographer got a chance to chat with Bliss about her early start, her art, and living the dream. Read her enlightening interview and see some of her breathtaking work after the jump.


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