Clickasnap CEO Explains How Photographers Can Earn Money!

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Earlier this year, I wrote an opinion on the photo-sharing platform, Clickasnap. I praised the concept, which aims to ensure photographers get paid, but was critical of some of the design and functionality. Now the CEO of the company has reached out to explain why photographers need this platform. Take a look.

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How to Manage Nerves at Your First Paid Photography Gig

Getting your first paid photography gig can be exciting, but also extremely nerve-racking!

Going from a photographer that shoots for fun to one that shoots for cash is a strange transition. You move from having the freedom to shoot as you please to needing to deliver and meet a client’s expectations. Of course, someone saying your work is worth paying for is amazing, and it’s something you should celebrate. But nerves can take over, and self-doubt begins to creep in. We want to help you manage those first-gig nerves so you can work at your best and deliver to your client.

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