Reflecta’s New 35mm Scanner Promises Unprecedented Resolution

Reflecta ProScan 10T

Great news for 35mm film photographers with a digital workflow: German manufacturer Reflecta has a new 35mm film scanner with a nominal resolution of up to 10.000 dpi, which is higher than anything you’ll find on other consumer film scanners. In addition, the ProScan 10T promises a very high dynamic range of 3.9 DMax, which should be sufficient even for scanning such dense slide films as Velvia 50.

Currently, the highest-resolving 35mm film scanner is Plustek’s OpticFilm 8200i, though its nominal resolution of 7200 dpi only really exists on paper. But even if the Reflecta only manages to achieve half its nominal resolution out of a scan, it would still resolve at 5000 dpi, which is a lot of detail and close to the theoretical maximum that you can squeeze out of 35mm film.

So far, the scanner has only been announced in Germany, and at this point it is unclear whether it’ll ever make it to overseas markets. With a retail price of € 469 (US-$ 643) it is also not quite cheap, even though an actual US retail price might be a bit lower should it be officially sold in the states. In which case it will probably run under the Pacific Image brand name.

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