Peak Design Announces Availability of its P.O.V. Kit GoPro Mounting Solution

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Peak Design POV Kit

Back at Photo Plus last year, we caught a first glimpse at Peak Design’s new P.O.V. Kit, which is a GoPro mounting solution that builds on the company’s Capture Camera Clip. Back then, the P.O.V. Kit had just been funded via Kickstarter, and now Peak Design has officially announced it for general availability.

The P.O.V. Kit is not a standalone product, but builds on the Capture Clip platform, which makes it incredibly versatile as the Capture Clip can be attached to numerous locations on your body or accessories: your belt, your backpak strap, you name it. And though it has been designed with action cams such as the GoPro in mind, it can actually take up alomst any camera with a compact form factor.

The P.O.V. Kit is available on its own (if you already have a Capture Clip) for US-$ 29.95, or it can be bought in kit with the Capture Camera Clip for US-$ 84.95, saving you $5 over the individual price for each item. And if you’re not convinced yet, head past a break to see Peak Design’s awesome advertising video for the P.O.V. Kit.

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