Owen Harvey’s Skins and Suedes Shows Modern Attitudes To Subculture

All images by Owen Harvey. Used with permission.

“…with various approaches, in various locations, that’s when it can often feel it’s most interesting and genuine,” says Owen Harvey when speaking about creating his project. “These sort of situations are when I work most freely and just photograph what excites me…” A photographer who gravitates toward subculture and human behavior, Owen has excellently documented youth and identity in the UK. Immersing himself in the movement that is the Skins and Suedes, Owen’s series took him to a variety of social events and locations, from the beautiful Brighton beach to boozy weekends in Blackpool. Speaking to Owen it’s evident he has a deep understanding of the psychological element of documentary photography. He gets what makes people open up. He empathizes with them; he wants to understand. To portray who they are, he creates a space in which they can be themselves.

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