Outex’s Latest Kickstarter Wants to Show You Its “O Face”


There are (crazy) expensive waterproof cases and there are cheap bags, in between them is Outex. These either have poor usability or simply make you poor. These previous types of underwater security for your camera has been focused on photography not video. Outex has taken the opportunity to create a new underwater casing that gives a good view of the cameras LCD. The “Big O” is the name that they have given the large clear window on the back of the camera to allow for easier framing while recording.

Although it is priced near the lower end it is still capable of high end performance. It has the pro optics, depth capability of the higher end cases (33 feet) as well as their ease of use. Unlike the cheap plastic bags Outex is easy to zoom and operate the camera due to its construction. The case is made out of a latex based compound and you can think of it like a wetsuit for your camera. It is comfortable for all conditions and made for all types of cameras.

Outex has been around for awhile now and are now looking to fund their $10,500 goal on Kickstarter for the “Big O” viewfinder window. A complete underwater kit with their new viewfinder can be had for $200 while the Kickstarter runs over the next 30 days or so. More information about the company and the Outex system can be found on their website here.