Osborne Macharia Fashion Photography Focuses on the Iconic Rude Boy

All images by Osborne Macharia. Used with Creative Commons permission.

After featuring a handful of work showing daily life around Africa, it’s time for us to go deeper into its pockets of culture that most of us rarely see. Today’s featured project by Nairobi-based Osborne Macharia is an colorful inspiration for both fans and practitioners of fashion photography. If you liked his vibrant portraits of an old school hip hop heads who call themselves Kabangu, this new project by Osborne will definitely catch your eye. Aside from its cheeky title, The Return of the Rude-Boy is a showcase of Nairobi’s ghetto fashion scene and careful balance of bright colors.

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Osborne Macharia’s Kabangu Series is An Ode to Old School Hip-Hop in Nairobi

All images by Osborne Macharia. Used under a Creative Commons License.

Kenya based photographer, Osborne Macharia, has collaborated with a team of talented artists for his Kabangu portrait series. The series tells the story of four men, who work as actual watchmen during the day, but regularly meet up to educate and mentor young talent venturing into the hip-hop industry. The men teach the youth values such as peace, equality, and social justice in hopes of spreading a positive message for the hip-hop culture.  Continue reading…