Aditya Kinjawadekar Photographed a 360° Image of the Milky Way

“Shrinking of dark locations is a valid concern,” says young Aditya Kinjawadekar of India about the alarming rate at which night skies are being taken over by light pollution due. He took some time out of his busy university schedule to connect with us about his amazing 360° Milky Way image for this interview. This shot scored a lot of reactions on Reddit a few months ago among the astrophotography community.

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Astrophotographer Rey Hernandez Made an Astonishing 54 Hour Photo

All images by Rey Hernandez. Used with permission.

“I can’t tell what [is] my limit, there [are] just so many targets and each yields [a] different outcome the more time you put into it.”, says Rey Hernandez, who currently has reached 54 hours of exposure time on a night sky photo. He hopes to hit a 100 hours exposure someday to photograph more amazing constellations in our night sky.

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Go on a Journey to the Orion Nebula with Awesome New Time-Lapse Video

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.39.30 AM

When Isidro Villo, an associate physics professor in Spain who is deeply interested in astronomy as well as photography, set out to create what he calls a “deep sky time-lapse” video, it was too years ago. After all, he needed to build a rigging that could automate the optical zoom of Sigma super telephoto lens as well as the exposure time he was using to make the video possible. And it was definitely well worth the wait.

Using a Canon 5D Mark II, a modified Canon 450D, a zoom telephoto Sigma 50-500mm lens, a teleconverter, and a Meade LX80 mount, Villo successfully captured the interstellar cloud in the Sierra Nevada region in Andalusia, Spain in all its glory.

In his awesome new time-lapse video, he takes us to an awesome journey from Earth to the reds and swirls of the Orion nebula 1,344 light years away. This here is no ordinary faraway shot of the Orion constellation where you can just barely make out the M42 nebula. With his makeshift apparatus, he managed to really zoom in to the nebula; and he did it so well that when you’re watching the video, you’ll feel as if you are being taken on a nice relaxing magic carpet ride to it.

Fittingly called M42: A Journey to the Orion Nebula, this 2-minute video will take to the mysterious and fascinating territory that is the deep space. See it after the jump.

Via PetaPixel

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