How I Caught the Photo Bug: News Editor Peter Walkowiak

Image Captured by a Pentax Optio S 3.2mp point and shoot camera.

I’ve been doing some form of art for quite some time now. As far back as I can remember, drawing used to be my creative outlet. Even though I had been doing it for a long time, it has always been awful. It was something I would do alone and be ashamed of. To this day I don’t think anyone has ever seen my old “art” and that makes me ecstatic.

As I grew up, drawing was abandoned for the adventure of finding something new. I’ve always needed to do something creative with my free time. Creating music was my biggest venture after drawing and this was even more embarrassing. I attempted singing, keyboard, bass guitar, but none of these were for me. Besides being completely awful I yearned for that sense of instant creation that drawing gave me. Then in 2004, I found photography. Continue reading…