One Hand Snap Lets You Take Pictures With One Hand


Many of us take having two arms and two hands for granted. Our world is  a diverse one however. There are people out there missing limbs through various circumstances. Some of these people want to be photographers. Most camera companies, for years, basically have made cameras for right handed folk. If you are left-handed, or have only one hand, you need a tripod and a remote trigger. It sounds weird to say, but there are people out there who have this issue.

Designer, Xing Dawei (Dave Xing), took this to heart and has created the One Hand Snap. It is a remote that allows the user to control their DSLR holding just the lens barrel instead of having to hit the typical shutter button and dials. The One Hand Snap or OHS is a silicone band that stretches around the lens barrel. It sports a shutter button along with a four-way button for other controls all nested on a base similar to a small watch design. The four-way button was created to adjust aperture and shutter speed.

Via Yanko Design