Why You Should Do the One Camera, One Lens Challenge

There are many reasons and advantages for using different lenses for your photography, especially when you’re doing it for commercial work or specialized projects. Still, we come across photography tests like the “one camera, one lens” challenge, the goal of which is to see what kind of images we’ll come up with if we have to push through the limitations of using just one lens.

Vancouver-based Alastair Bird was once challenged to take on this test while planning for a trip to Cuba. It turned out to be a big deal given his big lens collection and preference for the versatility of using different lenses. Prime lens, one focal length only, his friend said. He responded then by taking with him the Fujifilm X100 with 35mm F2 lens, and did it again in Russia just months ago with Fujifilm X-Pro2 and a 23mm F1.4 lens.

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On Your Next Trip, Take One Camera and One Lens

julius motal the phoblographer vsco film 07 Kodak Elite 50 II ++-1

It was too often the case that I would try to pack everything I could into my carry-on. I had no idea what photographic opportunities there would be at my destination, but I had to be prepared for everything. So, I brought everything, and because I was anxious about leaving things in the hotel, I carried everything on my back. It was a chiropractic nightmare. The truth was that I used one camera and two lenses at most. It was better for my photography (and my back) to leave most of my gear, save for extra batteries and SD cards, at home on later trips.

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