Nils Karlson’s “On Eye Level” Shows The World from a Dog’s Perspective

All images by Nils Karlson. Used with permission.

German photographer, Nils Karlson, showcases the love and connection he has with his dogs in his latest series, On Eye Level. Wanting to add some fun and spontaneity into his work, Karlson decided to photograph his dogs by getting on the ground to connect with them at eye level. His goal was to see the world from their unique perspective while capturing their actions and character. Indeed, one of the best tips to photograph dogs is to get low. And if you want them to look at the camera, hold a treat or toy.

Shot on a Mamiya RZ67 with a 6×6 film back, the series follows Karlson’s dog, Rüdiger, as they explore the coastal landscape of France covering beaches, cliffs, and barren landscapes. Three of the photos from the series have also been featured in the upcoming photo book, NSEW (North South East West), made and published by the Film Shooters Collective. More images are after the jump.

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