Instagram’s Lux Feature Gets a Nice Little Revamp


No more overly contrasted photos with the Lux feature! Instagram enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Facebook-owned photo and video social networking app has revamped its otherwise generally ineffective feature (it’s the one with the SUN icon).

The Lux feature was added to the app about 2 years ago to add more contrast and brightness to dull and poorly lit photos; but its effect was too strong to deem usable probably 80% of the time as it only makes the photos look more like badly executed HDR photos than nicely exposed shots. On Monday, however, the feature has been given a simple slider to customize the intensity of its effect. Now users of this crowd favorite photo-sharing service can use the feature more effectively by tweaking how much vibrancy, brightness, and detail enhancement every single shot gets. They can even add more softness to their shots, giving them a more vintage look.

Of course, this new update is only a small improvement and it’s nothing like what the VSCO Cam app already has. But we’re pretty sure this is but one of the many steps the service is taking towards something bigger as it just recently inked a $100 million advertising deal with Omnicom. How this deal will affect how its 150 million users will use the app remains to be seen but it’s clear that we will be seeing some more changes on Instagram in the near future.

For now, let’s just enjoy this minor enhancement. While there’s no word yet on whether on not it’ll be available for Android, iOs users can download the update now from the app store.

Via Cnet