Matt Porteous Sheds Light on Sustainable Fishing Practices in Oman

All photos by Matt Porteous. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you love photography projects that combine travel and documentary photography, we’re sure you’ll find this series by Matt Porteous poignant and wanderlust-inducing. In his personal photo journal, the London-based photographer and filmmaker shared what he discovered when he tagged alongside Ocean Culture Life to find out more about the sustainable fishing practices in Oman. To give context and background to the series, Porteous tells us what makes Oman a place of interest for him and his group. “One of the only countries in the world to keep their fish resources at a constant, the Sultan of Oman banned trawler fishing and dredging 15-20 years ago. No close-shore commercial fishing is allowed, enabling villagers to catch the fresh higher numbers of fish in local waters,” he wrote on the project description. With this interesting fact, he also stressed that fisheries continue to be the country’s natural resource. In fact, their goal is “to create a profitable world-class sector that is ecologically sustainable and a net contributor to Oman’s economy,’ by 2040.

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