Someone Stuffed a New Olympus Pen into a Vintage Pen F Body

If you‘ve ever wanted a beautifully retro-styled Olympus Pen mirrorless camera, it can’t get any more retro than this!

With the steady popularity of retro-styled digital cameras, we can assume that camera companies will continue to draw inspiration from classic designs and iconic models. However, it’s also reasonable to expect that these modern takes on the classics can only go as far. So, if you have a specific vintage camera that you hope would see a digital version, your best bet is often a third-party digital back (although it will most likely look a little unwieldy and clunky). Unless, you have the guts, patience, and talent for tinkering and making your own — or you’re an Olympus fan and would be willing to settle for a vintage Olympus Pen F combined with a digital PEN E-PM1!

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