Mermaids and Photographers Got Innovative to Make Team Submerge

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“Forming a synergy and shared understanding of the project’s goal is very helpful”, says Submerge team member Felicia. She’s the model featured in the ‘Springs Widow’ NFT, a project that came about from the collaboration of four friends. Each team member of Submerge has an area of specialization that came into play to create their latest Non-Fungible Token. We spoke to the team to understand how they created their newest NFT – ‘Spring’s Widow’.

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Pedro Aimos Shares The Story Behind His Life Changing Photograph

All Images by Pedro Aimos. Used with permission.

“NFTs aren’t a trend,” says photographer Pedro Aimos. He adds, “I believe they are the future of how we digest art and culture.” On May 25th, Aimos released his own set of NFTs. Amongst them is a photograph that holds both creative and emotional value. It also happens to be the second all-time most liked image on Instagram.

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