1-Hour Photo App Makes You Wait for Your iPhone Images

1-Hour Photo app

Going digital has helped turn photography into a fun and more immediate art form from taking the shot to seeing the final picture on the back of a camera screen. But while the digital age has liberated photos from film canisters and dark rooms to instant results, it’s terrible at the same time because we end up taking 12 frames for that perfect Instagram of a burger. To help bring back careful photography and anticipation of seeing the image, Nevercenter Labs is out with a new app called 1-Hour Photo.

The free app lets users take photos but it does not show the image immediately after the shutter clicks. Not only is there no immediate feedback, photos won’t even show up until an hour later to bring back that feeling of anticipation of waiting for film to develop. What’s more to make the app even more old school it only develops black-and-white images.

The interface essentially looks exactly like the iPhone’s regular interface except with a counter for the images you’ve taken. After snapping a frame the app will start a countdown clock showing when the photos will be ready. It’s an interesting app that makes digital photography less about poring over images immediately and more about capturing memories.

Via Nevercenter Labs

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