Bad News! Fujifilm Discontinues Neopan 400 and Provia 400X


Nikon F1n and FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C on Fujifilm Neopan 400

Today is another sad day in the history of photographic film. According to this facebook post by Freestyle Photographic Supplies of Los Angeles, CA Fujifilm Tokyo confirmed that the Neopan 400 B&W film and the Provia 400X slide film have been discontinued. Following the fate of Neopan 1600, Fujifilm takes another loved and acclaimed B&W negative film emulsion off the market. That leaves Neopan 100 as the only remaining B&W film manufactured by Fujifilm. And with Provia 400X, the last high-speed slide film is now finally gone, leaving Provia 100F, Velvia 100 and Velvia 50 in Fujifilm’s slide film lineup.

We reckon that remaining stocks of both Neopan 400 and Provia 400X will last for a little longer, but this may be your last chance to stock up on these films. Oh, and btw, Fujifilm officially recommends replacing Neopan 400 with Neopan 100, and replacing Provia 400X with Provia 100F. Until those are discontinued as well, that is …

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