Lehmann Aviation Makes Nokia’s New Lumia 1020 Camera Phone Ready For NSA Duty

Lehmann Aviation LA300 drone for Nokia Lumia 1020

Editor’s Note: We’re joking about the NSA thing…

Lehmann Aviation has announced the LA300 automated drone for the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera phone. The drone is able to travel up to ten miles at spees of up to 50 mph, for up to thirty minutes. It is aimed primarily at aerial imaging, for example during excavations. But the fact that it is programmable (quite easily so via a tablet) and navigates autonomously might make this a welcome tool for the guys over at the NSA. Just imagine what you could do with the Lumia 1020’s 41 megapixel camera, flying low above inhabited areas. The good thing is though that the ordinary creep won’t be going to buy this, since it comes with a price tag well above US-$ 6k. For more info on Lehmann Aviation’s UAVs, head over to their website.

Via Photography Blog